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W.I.C. – Wasted In Cyphers artwork.

This is a cover design for the second EP by Atlanta’s W.I.C. crew. The acronym’s definition changes every time they use it and now, it stands for “Wasted In Cyphers”. The group came up with the concept so everything should be self-explanatory… click on the image to view it in a larger size. Big-up to my man Flux for rockin’ their first EP cover (We Invented Cool).

Think Inside The Box: Days 13-16

1.28.11 – Think Inside The (boom) Box. 1.29.11 - keep it 100. 1.30.11 - “you’re rollin Doo-Doo, you’re rollin!”. 1.31.11 - for the cold-hearted.


Think Inside The Box: Days 9-12

1.24.11 - i should win an award for Lots of Patience. 1.25.11 - it rained so hard that it felt like water balloons were falling. 1.26.11 – i wrote some rhymes. 1.27.11 – Heaven, Hell or Happiness.


Think Inside The Box: Days 5-8.

1.20.11 - i bought some new Prismacolor markers, gonna take a while to get used to them. 1.21.11 - my 100th day of not smoking cigarettes. 1.22.11 - a logo idea for the mission. 1.23.11 - i made a few beats.


Think Inside The Box: Days 1-4

Inspired by my comrade Goldi Gold and his Attack Of The Black Book series, I’ve decided to stroll along for the ride on his year of the arts mission. For 365 days straight, Goldi will be hand-drawing a new piece in his black book. There are no computer applications involved and no specific topics to follow. Just drawings in-the-moment like we used to create before we started out-sourcing ourselves.


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